Saturday, June 24, 2023

  It really doesn't matter if you are relaxed or natural; colored or gray....ALL Hair requires some type of maintenance.  Even super low fades and bald heads require regular cuts or at the very least sunscreen. SUNSCREEN, which bring me to my point... Stop stressing over hair care and start being proactive about scalp care; and the over all health of your body.  

     I cannot stress this enough HAIR grows from the inside out. If your hair is crap, then it may be beneficial to consider the reality that maybe your body's health isn't that much better.  The state of your hair can be an indicator that you are dehydrated even if YOU believe you drink enough fluids.  People, please take a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing. See your doctor if necessary. Have your vitamin count checked. Talk to your doctor about your health goals and take a supplemental vitamin if necessary. Exercise. GET SOME REST.  Breath deep, exhale and stop stressing every little thing in your life.  Start there and then maybe just maybe you won't need weave (unless you choose to, not because you have to) or have to jump on the natural hair band wagon because you want to blame a relaxer for the otherwise lack of maintenance and persistence with the health of your own hair.  May sound harsh but someone has to say it.  I'm not an advocate for either one I do Natural Hair, Relaxed, Colored and Weave clients (I rock a sew in from time to time myself).  I don't pick sides; it's a personal choice.  No different than the choice to use deodorant or not. Natural hair, Colored hair, or Relaxed hair will all leave you if you neglect it.  Just like a bad relationship. A person or your hair can only stand so much abuse before it says *dueces*.  Sometimes you have to see a professional for a little hair therapy. -Be your own kind beautiful- Until next time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is my Hair Growing??


A good quality precision hair cut is the basis for any great style.  Couple that with conditioning care treatments and you are on your way to quality healthy hair.
NO product alone, that is applied to the hair, causes hair growth. Hair growth comes from the inside-out (the root). Scalp care does promote hair growth ensuring the best environment for hair growth. Water intake, vitamins (B-12, E, D-3, and Calcium), fruits, and vegetables are what promotes growth of the hair follicle. Also remember that stress and/or taking prescription drugs as well as birth control can all have an impact on the health of your hair. Products applied to the actual hair shaft does protect the hair you currently have so that it stays around when the new hair grows in. 

** My Hair Is Not Growing**

The number one complaint I hear in the salon is “My hair just won’t or is not growing.”  Trust me if your hair was not growing you would be bald! Hair sheds naturally daily and rejuvenates every 7 years.  If you have new growth (root/scalp hair untouched by chemicals) from a relaxer, keratin, perm, highlights, or color that is proof alone that your hair is growing even if it’s at a slower rate.  Your hair just may be breaking from split ends, heat damage, or a lack of moisture, strength or proteins.  If this is occurring at a rate equal to or faster than your hair is growing, the breakage could be giving you the impression that your hair is not growing. This is where the correct conditioning treatments and a quality trim/cut comes in. Split ends will continue to split until one side breaks off which is why a person with healthy thick hair will often have thin ends that you can see thru.  Shorter healthier hair is better than long damaged unhealthy hair. For those who hate trims look at it this way pruning a rose bush ultimately produces better roses and a rose bush that will continue to bloom for years with beautiful vibrant flowers. Sealing and protecting your ends before the damage begins is best, however if split ends are there have a licensed professional cosmetologist trim them away, continue to receive trims at least every 2 to 3 months, no less than 2 times a year, if there are no split ends be sure to at least have 1/8”- 1/4 “removed for maintenance.  Talk to your stylist about what products are best for your hair structure and your lifestyle of daily hair maintenance.  See your doctor to determine if you have a vitamin deficiency and remember to drink plenty of water.
There are no quick fixes to maintaining anything in life, so put in the work and you will reap the rewards of healthy hair.  Natural hair (no chemicals/growing relaxer out), weave, braids all still require maintenance so again no short cuts….